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Dear Friend of Downtown,

My “take” will be short today… VOTE. Our Governor and other state offices are an “off year”, not the normal legislative races or presidential or mayoral races that get more attention… but we still should VOTE. In general, our average voter turnout in Louisville is 30%. The primary race in the spring of this year saw a 13% turnout. This is not a good turnout.

Vote… because it actually matters. It matters because important issues and laws are decided by people that we put into office. And if only 30% of people are voting, then how do we know who is being represented.

We are lucky to live in a representative democracy… we elect those who represent us in our governments. That is not so in every country, and rather than throw up our hands because we don’t like how things are being done, that’s when we need to remember that we have a government that allows us to make changes. To cast your vote for someone who most closely aligns with the issues important to you.

Never give up. Always speak up. Vote.

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