warning signTRAFFIC ALERT - BEGINS 2/20/18 - RIVER ROAD CLOSED FROM 3RD TO 8TH DUE TO FLOODING warning sign TRAFFIC ALERT - BEGINS 2/19/18 - LANE CLOSURE 4TH STREET BETWEEN CHESTNUT AND GUTHRIE warning sign TRAFFIC ALERT - BEGINS 7/24/2017 - LANE CLOSURES FOR KICC CONSTRUCTION warning sign TRAFFIC ALERT - BEGINS 1/3/2017 - Road Closure 3rd St. (Between Market and Jefferson) For KICC Expansion warning sign

National and Local Historical Places, Landmarks, and Districts


Use the legend or click on the boxes to find out more information about the location.


  • National Historic Landmark

  • Local Preservation District / Local Landmark

  • National Register Historic District / National Register of Historic Places

  • Eligible for National Register Designation / Potential National Register District

  • Architectural/Historic Significance

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