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Downtown Economic Impact Reports

The Economic Impact Report examines the effect of Downtown businesses, employment, investment, attractions, and events on Louisville’s economy.

2022 Downtown Louisville Economic Impact Report and Summary

2021 Downtown Louisville Economic Impact Report and Summary

Annual Reports

As part of Louisville Downtown Partnership’s mission to facilitate and strengthen commerce, stimulate quality development, and be an economic catalyst, LDP manages and shares data and research that is specifically focused on Downtown living, working, and tourism. The annual report showcases LDP’s initiatives, improvements, and operations centered around the Downtown area.

2023 LDP Accomplishments

2022 LDP Accomplishments

2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Operations Summaries

The Louisville Downtown Management District (LDMD) oversees clean and safe initiatives that promote the economic, residential, and cultural vitality of Downtown. The Operations Summary outlines the operations completed annually by LDMD.

2022 LDMD Operations Summary

2021 LDMD Operations Summary

Downtown Development Plans

Downtown Plans are 10-year strategies that guide the development of all projects in Downtown based on core principles taking into account the current-day challenges, opportunities, and desires of Downtown stakeholders and the community at large. The decade-long plan sets forth a vision and implementation projects to improve Downtown Louisville and spur economic growth.

2013 Louisville Downtown Development Plan

2002 Louisville Downtown Development Plan

1990 Louisville Downtown Development Plan

LDMD Economic Improvement Plans

The Louisville Downtown Management District (LDMD) oversees clean and safe initiatives to promote the economic, residential and cultural vitality of Downtown. Louisville Downtown Partnership produces the LDMD Economic Improvement Plan annually to outline the upcoming year’s initiatives.

2024 LDMD Economic Improvement Plan

2023 LDMD Economic Improvement Plan

2022 LDMD Economic Improvement Plan

2021 LDMD Economic Improvement Plan

2020 LDMD Economic Improvement Plan