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Ambassador Testimonials

Last week, my family and I were visiting your fine city for a Garfield Gathering and we were doing some sightseeing in June. We were at the end of Main Street and were looking around, apparently looking a tad bit unsure of where we were going next. Your sweet ambassador Charles rode up on his trusty steed (aka his bike) with his orange shirt and nametag in all its glory and asked us if he could help us find something or if we needed assistance. We were facing Caufield’s just under the bridge, so we asked him exactly what that place was (we were, of course, intrigued by the skull and the bat on the building!) He told us it was a novelty and costume shop and that we should stop in, as it had all sorts of fun things to look at. He was so friendly and had he not stopped, I’m not sure if we would have ventured in. Needless to say, it was one of the highlights of our day and of our trip!

Thank you again for having such a great ambassador program for tourists like us and please make sure to tell Charles thank you from The Ellis Family from Texas – it is much appreciated!

The Ellis Family

I would just like to compliment your Louisville Downtown ambassador J. D. I met him at the Downton YMCA, and I have had the privilege of speaking with him since. He is always helpful, sincere and knowledgeable. A terrific ambassador for Louisville and a great program.


I have never been so thankful for Charles and Kameron! I drove from Lexington for an event downtown with my 5 year old. When getting out of the parking garage I didn’t see which one I was in due to it pouring down rain. When I went to leave the event I couldn’t find the correct parking garage. I searched 3 on my own before finding Charles and Kameron who walked me to 3 more before I found the right one. I was on the verge of tears. I don’t know what I would have done without their help!!! I am forever so grateful. I just wanted to say thank you and that they were a blessing.


I live downtown. Kameron and Anthony were making their rounds in the rain at 4th and Market this afternoon around 3:00 as I was out for a run. I stopped and told them how much I appreciate seeing them. Despite the rain and generally disagreeable weather conditions, they were exceptionally friendly and pleasant.

I see your ambassadors often and their recently increased presence makes downtown a MUCH better place. Thanks for having friendly folks like Anthony and Kameron visibly present on our streets.

Jim, Downtown resident

I just wanted to share a note of appreciation for the Downtown Ambassadors. We have one in our area named Wayne who, each morning, actively works to move away unwanted guests from our area. For example, this morning, our guest was walking back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the school door and Wayne called him across the street and got him to move along for long enough for us to get students in the building and school underway. Wayne cares about kids and really looks out for us. Another Ambassador named Isaiah introduced himself to me this morning and was very positive and friendly. We just really appreciate their presence and their attitude - it is a bright spot in this difficult situation. Please pass along our gratitude!


I was in downtown Louisville last Friday for a work event. I got a chance to meet Mr. Anthony. Mr. Anthony was very helpful and shared a little about the LDP. What a pleasure it was to meet him and watch him take pride in his work and helping others. Great job Louisville, I hope other cities will adopt this program.

Claressa from Columbus, Ohio

My wife and I spent the night in Louisville this week. We've traveling east by car and needed a place to stay.

We'd never been to the city before and didn't know anything about it.

We met JD in the lobby of our hotel and he was incredibly helpful. He made the city come alive for us and even though we were only in the city for the morning, it's now on our short list of places to visit next time we travel. All thanks to JD.


This is my first visit to Louisville Kentucky. In a few occasions JD had warmly greeted us and went out of his way to explain to us the best places to enjoy our time here.

We congratulate you on this initiative to have Downtown Ambassadors to welcome visitors to your beautiful city.

Jose from Puerto Rico

I wanted to let you know that my wife and I spent some time on the belvedere behind near the Galt house where we met JD. He is a very impressive young man. We talked and he told us about the program and his understanding of the local history. We also learned that the statues looking at each other had a connection to each other in history. He was very impressive gentlemen, presented himself well and is a credit to your organization. It was obvious that he takes great pride in himself and your group. Good job finding such an impressive young man.

Wayne K.

Being a stranger in town, I was happy to see a friendly worker willing to help me out finding a convenience store in my area. With Derek’s help, I was able to get what I needed and find my way back to my hotel.

Thanks Louisville!

Kathy from Maryland

I wanted to reach out to you today to sing the praises of your Downtown Ambassadors, specifically George. They were all nothing but kind and professional. George, on the other hand, went above and beyond to assist us with whatever we needed that week. We quite literally would not have been as successful if it were not for him. He is one of the best memories I’ll have while completing this project. I just wanted to sing his praises, along with the rest of your employees.

Best Regards, Jessica M.

I just want to thank your guys for reaching out to me and returning my stolen wallet to me. I am forever grateful to them. Nice to see that there are still honest people out there.

Thanks so much. You have some good people at your business.

Laura D.

I wanted to let you know that Charlie and Robert were so helpful to me today during a very uncomfortable situation. There was an individual that had become extremely agitated; when I left the store, the gentlemen was now outside and the police had been called but had not arrived yet.

I must have looked rattled by the situation because Charlie and Robert came up to me – reassured me that they would not leave my side – asked where I was going and one of them was on each side of me until we reached my destination.
I have worked downtown for many years and not too many things bother me or make me feel that my safety is at risk. However, sometimes situations cause a response we are not prepared for and I was so glad to have Charlie and Robert to be a calming influence for me – they are perfect for this service they are providing.

Thank you.

Karen H.

Last week, I attended the Kentucky Bar Association Convention in downtown Louisville at the Convention Center.

On Wednesday, May 11, as I made my way to the Convention Center, I had the privilege of running into George and Brittany who were diligently working to keep the great city of Louisville pristine!

George and Brittany were working hard and I appreciate their commitment to keeping downtown Louisville beautiful. They are a delight and I wanted you to know!

Keep up the good work!

Best, Alison L. G.

Just want to commend your organization & especially your worker, George, on the upkeep of Louisville. We are impressed with its cleanliness & friendliness. The flowers that line the streets are beautiful. Good job George and the rest of your organization.

This is our 1st visit and we hope to return.

Wally & Lorraine G.

I wish to report that my wife and I had a very positive experience with three of your team yesterday while visiting downtown attractions. All three were positive, happy and seemed eager to be of assistance. It is obvious they enjoy what they are doing!

Jim and Barbara S. from AZ

I met George 2 weeks ago when I was making a sales call in downtown Louisville and noticed his attention to detail for keeping downtown clean. George and I spoke briefly, and I asked him if I could pass along a good word for his work to his boss. He handed me your business card.

Not often enough do we see employees working to make things better in the public; however, George was happy, personable, friendly and courteous toward me. I thanked him for a job well done. I am grateful to see the work he was doing for the best impression for the downtown area.

I have worked in the hospitality business 30+ years and want to express my gratitude to you and your team members. How wonderful it is to watch someone “care” about the impression he can make doing their job willingly as well as being a friendly to a visitor like me.

Kind Regards, Kelly B.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the Louisville Downtown Ambassador program. The hospitality of Louisville is one of a kind and the Ambassador program is definitely unique.
My husband and I are both retired and do a lot of traveling. We were in Louisville last week and happened to be here during the events for Muhammad Ali.
During our stay, we crossed paths with Mr. Nike a few times. Let me just tell you how great of a person you have for your company!
We ran into Nike while he was removing some graffiti, and he approached us with a big smile and asked us how we were and what brought us to town.
He gave us some recommendations on places to eat and some history about some of the city. The next day we saw him again, removing graffiti, and he called us out by our names and asked how the restaurant was he recommended. We asked him why he was removing graffiti and he told us he’s making Louisville a cleaner place, curious,we asked him how much he removed and he told us around 70 graffiti tags. We were both shocked and appreciated him for his hard work and dedication.
You have a great worker in Nike; the charisma, kindness, and engagement he gives helped us enjoy our stay. Thank you all so much!

Sincerely, Charlotte L

Just wanted to let ya'll know how much I appreciate Mr. Nike!!! My daughter and I were caught in the rain without an umbrella and your ambassador was right behind us and walked us FIVE blocks in the rain to our car!! I am so thankful he was around when he was! Thanks again, Nike! :)

Janet W.

Just ran into Ralph and George on 4th Street. They are doing a great job, welcoming and talking to visitors (and a native) in the city.

Patty D.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciate the work your downtown Ambassadors do. I’ve worked in the West Main Street district for almost 7 years now and it’s always ship-shape. Plus, your ambassadors add a friendly vibe that can’t be beat. I got your mail from a gentleman named George, by the way. I stopped to thank him for being on the job a few days ago and asked how I could spread the love up the line. Keep up the good work!

Kudos, Craig F.

A big thank you for keeping the streets clean in Louisville, I’m visiting from California and very impressed with how clean the streets are and how friendly everyone is, and a shout out to George. He is a great ambassador for the city.

Thank You, Sally L.

This is a thank you to your ambassadors for returning our Gallapalooza horse to its place in front of the Leadership Louisville Center offices on West Main Street. Last night, someone moved "Louie" across the street to a location in front of the Kentucky Science Center. A security guard noticed Louie there about 4:00 a.m.
I called your office this afternoon and spoke with Monique. Before I knew it, the ambassadors had moved Louie across Main Street and stopped in the office to let me know. Louie is quite popular with visitors to this area of West Main Street and is photographed on a daily basis - particularly this time of year - so we’re glad to have him back.
So a big thanks to your team - we really appreciate their assistance and presence in downtown Louisville!

Mary Beth H.

I normally do not answer calls to my cell phone that I don’t recognize, but I am very glad I did today on my lunch break. I work in the Meidinger tower on the corner of 4th St. and Muhammad Ali. I was having lunch at the Sports and Social Club when I received the call from this unknown number. When I answered, a gentleman who introduced himself as Adrian calling from the Downtown Ambassadors and he stated he was at the Family Allergy and Asthma Center downtown and asked for my wife Danielle. Confused I said that I was her husband and asked if there was anything I might be able to help with. He then proceeded to tell me that a set of keys had been turned into the Downtown Partnership and that the only identifiable item on the key ring was my sons shot record for the Asthma center and that it pulled up my wife’s name and cell number he was calling. I began checking my pockets for the keys I was sure I had with me, only to discover that I didn’t have the keys I had arrived downtown with this morning. I asked Adrian if I could meet him somewhere to get the keys and told him where I was, he said he was just a few blocks away and would meet me at S&SC to get my keys to me. Now as I mentioned I work at 4th street live but I park way down 3rd street across from the porter paints and the only thing I can think is that I was running across Broadway on my way in this morning and the keys must have fallen out of my pocket. Adrian said that someone had turned the keys in and he was the one who thought to go to the Asthma office downtown here to try to find who they belonged to. I can’t express how thankful I am that he went above and beyond what was expected of him to locate me. Had I gone the rest of the day not realizing I had lost my keys it would have caused a lot of stress for me and my family. The key for our car alone to be re-cut is $450.00 I feel that he deserves to be recognized in some way for his efforts if not given a raise or promotion as he clearly deserves it. I don’t know many people who would have gone to the length he did to locate me but as I’ve said already I am so very glad he did. Keep up the great work down there at the Downtown Partnership. It’s nice to see you guys around down here and now if we need help there is someone there who cares.
Mr. Adrian Hill thank you again for getting those keys to me, Sir! I’ll never forget it!

Sincerely, Jonathan H.

I wanted to notify you about the tremendous job Ambassador Adrian Hill is doing daily. Adrian is always delivering the Louisville Maps, assisting with hotel guests with a pleasant attitude, smiling face, giving directions, and ready for any & all tasks. I noticed he was coming in twice as much and at times, sometimes three times as much. I asked him, "Why?"
Adrian notified, "One of our ambassadors is gone and another one is sick."
I told him. "If you’re doing twice the work, you need to make twice the pay."
He is exceptional and lifts my spirit every time I see him. I believe he deserves a raise. Adrian is an asset to your company and will make an excellent supervisor. Thank you for giving us your Best only. Have a great week.

Thank you, Alaina W.

I just wanted to thank Nike S. again for assisting me with navigation back to my hotel room. I ended up pretty lost trying to find my way back to the downtown Marriott. He appeared at just the right time and was very gracious, professional and courteous. I was very impressed with the service provided to downtown walkers who may find themselves in a similar situation. I think I feel a little more confident now navigation the streets of Louisville thanks to Nike.

Yours from Omaha, Joan E.

On Thursday, 2-23-17, Mr. Sites found my wallet in the vicinity of Sixth & Jefferson. He went above and beyond what I would have expected. He called Kroger's and Chase Visa, and was able to get my home phone number, and after I got off work agreed to meet me @ 10:00PM to return my wallet, which contained everything still on it. He showed great initiative. It was outstanding to meet Mr. Stites. His honesty and concern for me was touching. Please let him know I sent this message.

John F.

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