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November 30, 2022

Dear Friend of Downtown,

As we bust into the holiday season, it’s time for the big question about what kind of greetings to share with people. I find the debate a bit amusing, because I was raised in a Jewish household and then, after divorce and remarriage, a religiously blended household. The family holiday traditions, greetings, and observances became our own melting pot. And not one to completely understand my own belief system until I was an adult, I fell into the habit of repeating back the holiday wish that was shared with me.

Should one give an all-encompassing greeting? Should it be what you know someone else celebrates? Or should your greeting be a piece of you? When it comes down to it, we simply are trying to experience joy in a season full of many celebratory holidays that make many people feel happy. And I LOVE that people want to share it with their community.

Much like Downtown, a neighborhood for everyone, our streets are a melting pot of people from all backgrounds and belief systems where we can share our holiday traditions and greetings. Taking time to learn about other holidays can help us gain a better understanding of people that aren’t just like us… and that’s what makes us a better community.

As we start the rush of holiday events and are thinking of the perfect gifts to get or how to spend time with our loved ones, let’s also give a nod to our neighbors who may not celebrate the same holiday that we do, but who wants to share their joy just the same.

Happy Holidays! Hope to see you on the streets soon!

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