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Providing Safe and Clean Services for Downtown Louisville

LDP Ambassadors are on the job 7 days a week starting at 7am. They provide public safety information, maintain contact with the business owners, provide information to visitors, shoppers, workers, and residents, and report potential or actual emergencies that might require Police, Fire, or EMS resources.

The Louisville Downtown Partnership (LDP) Ambassadors also provide supplemental cleaning for 25 miles of sidewalks and alleys within the boundaries of our 91 block service area in the heart of Downtown Louisville. This includes, but is not limited to: weed and graffiti removal, sidewalk pressure washing and removal of an average of 2,000 pounds of litter per week.

Need Ambassadors Assistance?
Call our Hotline: 502-664-8654

Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador program focuses on hospitality and safety services, litter, leaf, and graffiti abatement, and ad hoc special projects. The Hospitality and Safety Ambassadors provide friendly, smiling faces on the streets of Downtown during major conventions, events, and in support of our Downtown attractions and businesses. Our Clean Team Ambassadors provide services that beautify and keep our streets clear of debris.

Ambassadors Testimonials

Did you know that the Block by Block Ambassadors program began by serving our Downtown Louisville district in 1995? Bringing valuable support and customer service with personal interactions our community, the Ambassadors keep our streets clean and help people feel welcome and safe in our downtown districts.

Removing over 120,000 pounds of litter and debris from sidewalks and alleys each year. Providing hospitality assistance for over 9,300 guests and visitors Downtown. Abatement of over 1,573 graffiti tags and stickers. Clean-up of over 115 biohazardous materials. Initiated 35 requests for emergency services. Pressure washing, leaf removal, and weed control.

Many thanks to our Ambassadors for all they do!

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