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The Louisville Downtown Management District's Board of Directors

Louisville Downtown Management District
Board of Directors

The Louisville Downtown Management District (LDMD), Kentucky’s only Business Improvement District (or BID), was established on August 27, 1991 to promote the economic, residential and cultural vitality of the core of downtown. LDMD’s mission has been to promote Downtown’s quality of life by creating a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable environment, providing services that are designed to enhance the physical environment of the Downtown, including improvements for better security, maintenance, cleanliness, and marketing.

  • Name


  • Belinda Baser

    Domino Partners LLC

  • Juan Merzalde-Carrillo

    Old Forester

  • John V. Ford

    Riverside Parking

  • Paul Ford

    Riverside Parking

  • Mariah Gratz

    Weyland Ventures

  • Robbin Hansen

    Humana Inc.

  • Ken Haskins

    Optima Management Group

  • Prewitt Lane

    Financial Analytics, LLC

  • Donald Lassere

    Ali Center

  • Stan Moore

    MAPS Security, LLC

  • Shane Moseley

    Humana Inc.

  • Penny Peavler

    Frazier History Museum

  • Michael Sadofsky

    Republic Bank

  • Robbie Valentine

    KFC Yum Center

  • Brad Walker

    The Brown Hotel

  • Lee Weyland

    Weyland Ventures

  • Scott Wright

    Kindred Healthcare, INC

  • Vanessa Burns *

    Public Works and Assets

  • David James *

    Louisville Metro Government

  • Rebecca Matheny *

    Louisville Downtown Partnership

  • Barbara Sexton-Smith *

    Louisville Metro Government

  • Mary Ellen Wiederwohl *

    Louisville Forward

*Ex Officio LDMD Board Member Information