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About LDMD

The Louisville Downtown Management District (LDMD), Kentucky’s first Business Improvement District (or BID), was established in 1991 by City of Louisville ordinance. LDMD enhances the economic, residential and cultural vitality of Louisville’s Central Business District. The organization’s mission is to promote Downtown’s quality of life by creating a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable environment. As a result, the majority of the District’s budget is devoted to:

  • providing “safe, & clean & hospitality” operations through its Downtown Ambassadors
  • undertaking public space enhancement projects such as public art installations and beautification programs
  • communicating and marketing the amenities and attractions of Downtown to workers, residents and guests
  • providing detailed data regarding the economic vitality of Downtown to those helping to drive the continued growth of the area.

By Kentucky statute and Louisville Metro ordinance, the District may only provide services within its boundaries that are supplemental to any services which may be provided by Louisville Metro. Read the LDMD Bylaws here.