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Financial Resources

The Louisville Downtown Partnership team is ready to assist your business or development with applicable public incentives. Local and state incentives can make a big difference in making a project possible including products, such as low interest loans and gap financing, tax abatement programs, or tax credit programs.


Downtown Loan Funds

Commercial Development Loan

  • Gap financing for Downtown commercial development projects
  • Max loan is typically $680,000

Small Business Loan

  • Favorable financing for small businesses interested in opening new Downtown street-level storefronts or current Downtown businesses interested in upgrading their existing storefront
  • Max loan is $50,000 – terms targeted at below market rates

Housing Assistance Loan

  • Gap financing for market-rate, multi-family housing projects in Downtown
  • Loan will generally not exceed $20k per door; $2M max loan

Contact: (502) 584-6000


Metropolitan Business Development Corporation (METCO)

Louisville Metro Government’s small business and commercial property loan program for new and expanding businesses in Jefferson County.

Contact: (502) 574-4140

Energy Project Assessment District (EPAD) Program

Helps finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation measures.

Contact: (859) 468-5598

Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund (LAHTF)

Provides public funds as gap financing to help developers build affordable housing.

Contact: (502) 637-5372

Louisville CARES

Provides public funds as gap financing to help developers build affordable housing.

Tax Moratorium Programs

Two redevelopment incentives that allow for the abatement of local property tax for improved properties.

Manufacturing Tax Moratorium

Property Assessment and Reassessment Moratorium

Contact: (502) 574-4140

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Performance-based incentive that permits a portion of the new state and/or local taxes generated by a development to be rebated back to the developer to help support the development costs.

Contact: (502) 574-4140


Opportunity Zones

Tax saving program for economically distressed communities that are in need of investment and revitalization.

Historic Preservation Tax Credits

Tax credits intended to serve as financial incentives to encourage private investment in historic buildings.

Contact: (502) 892-3611

Kentucky Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Promotes the development of low to moderate-income rental housing through tax incentives.

Kentucky Small Business Tax Credit Program (KSBTC)

Tax credit for small businesses that have hired and sustained at least one new job in the last year and purchased qualifying equipment.

Contact: (800) 626-2930

Kentucky Tourism Incentives and Development Act

State sales tax incentive for tourism development projects.

Contact: (502) 892-3320