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Services Provided By Louisville Downtown Partnership

The Louisville Downtown Partnership works to maintain the value and importance of Downtown Louisville and the Business Improvement District, with its emphasis on providing clean and safe services, economic development, and fact-driven resources for our ratepayers, stakeholders and potential investors. We remain steadfast in our belief in our community and, most importantly, in our Downtown’s ultimate resilience and significance to our overall local and regional economy. You can find an overview of our organization’s goals and objectives below. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@louisvilledowntown.org or 502-584-6000.

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Supplemental Cleaning

Our Downtown Ambassador team provides a number of services that are supplemental to those provided by Louisville Metro government:

  • Litter Abatement: We work within the boundaries of the District to assist with the removal of litter and debris from public sidewalks and curb lines using both manual and mechanical means. In a typical year, our team collects and disposes of over 100,000 pounds of litter from Downtown right of ways.
  • Graffiti Abatement: Almost every day our team identifies, reports and helps to remove graffiti from properties within BID’s boundaries. With thousands of tags removed over the years, we continue to refine our procedures and community relationships to keep the District free from vandalism.
  • Weed Abatement & Leaf Sweeping: Throughout the year, our Ambassadors remove weeds from Downtown’s sidewalks and curb lines. With the arrival of autumn, we shift focus and help clean the leaves that fall from the Downtown tree canopy.
  • Snow Removal: While snow removal on the sidewalks is the responsibility of the abutting property owners, our Ambassadors perform courtesy snow removal at crosswalks and access ramps within the District.
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Built Environment

The Louisville Downtown Partnership helps manage the built environment of Downtown in three ways: Assessment. Support. Advocacy. We ASSESS the needs of the Downtown to address the pressing issues facing our vital infrastructure. We SUPPORT current projects to ensure limited impact to our stakeholders and timely completion. We ADVOCATE for our stakeholders during planning stages for future built environment work.

Our work focuses on continuing the vital management work for maintaining our built environment and beginning new projects to enhance our Downtown streetscapes and general infrastructure. Our long-term built environment goals will be concentrated on creating safe and accessible spaces. We will also focus on creating a sustainable Downtown and promoting multimodal access and transit.

We provide the following built environment services for our Downtown partners:

  • Monitor traffic, construction, and permitting developments in Downtown
  • Ensure dynamic streetscape design to provide an inviting pedestrian space
  • Identify and catalogue the repair needs for our streetscape furniture and light poles
  • Provide insight and guidance on paving projects on behalf of our Downtown stakeholders
  • Coordinate with Metro Public Works to ensure proper restoration of roads and sidewalks
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Business Interactions

During the performance of their daily duties, our Ambassadors have a great opportunity to interact with street-level businesses across the District. These interactions allow for our team to share information with our Downtown businesses and respond to their needs or concerns.

Additional Business Support

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Hospitality and Safety Assistance

Our Ambassadors are a friendly, uniformed presence on the streets and provide directions and assistance to Downtown guests, workers, and residents every day. They provide safety escorts, as well as liaison with Metro emergency responders, to provide help to those in need. In 2021, we plan to further increase the scope of our hospitality program with the launch of a mobile information kiosk that will deploy during peak times around local attractions and venues.

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Ad Hoc Projects

Our special projects team stands ready to assist with any number of unique projects every year. In the spring and summer of 2020, they assisted both Louisville Metro and Downtown property owners with cleanup following the protests and civil unrest.

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Public Space Initiatives

The Partnership works on a variety of sponsored initiatives to make the streets and alleys of Downtown more interesting and appealing to visitors, workers, residents and guests. These projects range from the annual Flower Pot program, which brings over 125 self-watering flower planters to the sidewalks of Downtown every spring, to art installations such as Alley Gallery, which brought local artwork to over 200 service doors in the alleys and forgotten spaces throughout Downtown.

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Data & Research

As a part of the Louisville Downtown Partnership’s mission to facilitate and strengthen commerce, stimulate quality development and be an economic catalyst we manage and share the following data and research that is specifically focused on Downtown.

Data and Research Page

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Serving as the advocate and voice of Downtown ratepayers and stakeholders with government agencies and public service providers

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Positive Change

Louisville Downtown Partnership’s Positive Change program is designed to reduce panhandling in Downtown Louisville by raising funds to support social service agencies in our city.

Help those in need by giving to the Positive Change boxes instead of panhandlers. By giving to the boxes, the public will be directing money to benefitting those in need and served by social service providers.

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Assistance To Businesses

The Louisville Downtown Partnership provides a number of services to the Downtown Community and our stakeholders including business assistance and support. If you have any questions or need any support and consultation, please contact us at info@louisvilledowntown.org or 502-584-6000.