Louisville Downtown Partnership is all about Downtown Businesses, Residents, and Visitors

Our Mission

Louisville Downtown Partnership is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve Louisville’s Downtown by promoting the redevelopment, vitality, and economic growth of the Central Business District and surrounding areas through creating a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment.

Our Vision

Louisville Downtown Partnership’s vision is to collaboratively develop Downtown Louisville into the economic catalyst for all of Louisville and be a vibrant and dynamic urban core recognized for growth, innovation and as an engaging destination.

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Our Legacy

Louisville Downtown Partnership was formed in 2013 and is comprised of two long-standing organizations: the Louisville Downtown Management District and the Louisville Downtown Development Corporation.

The Louisville Downtown Management District (LDMD), Kentucky’s first Business Improvement District (or BID), was established on August 27, 1991 to promote the economic, residential and cultural vitality of the core of Downtown. LDMD’s mission has been to promote Downtown’s quality of life by creating a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable environment, providing services that are designed to enhance the physical environment of the Downtown, including improvements for better security, maintenance, cleanliness, and marketing. LDMD BOARD OF DIRECTORS

The Louisville Downtown Development Corporation (LDDC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the long-term economic health of Downtown Louisville and represents the community’s civic and business leadership. Since 1988, LDDC has played a crucial role in bringing together both the public and private sectors as partners in Downtown Louisville’s redevelopment and long-term planning, with LDDC serving as the lead entity in the development and implementation of the Downtown Master Plan. LDDC BOARD OF DIRECTORS

As Kentucky’s first Business Improvement District, the District was established by City of Louisville ordinance on August 27, 1991 to enhance the economic, residential and cultural vitality of Louisville’s Central Business District. The organization’s mission is to promote Downtown’s quality of life by creating a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable environment. As a result, the majority of the District’s budget is devoted to providing “safe, & clean & hospitality” operations through its Downtown Ambassadors; undertaking public space enhancement projects such as public art installations and beautification programs; communicating and marketing the amenities and attractions of Downtown to workers, residents and guests; and providing detailed data regarding the economic vitality of Downtown to those helping to drive the continued growth of the area.

By Kentucky statute and Louisville Metro ordinance, the District may only provide services within its boundaries that are supplemental to any services which may be provided by Louisville Metro.

  • Litter Removal image

    Litter Removal

    Daily removal of litter and debris from Downtown public right of ways including sidewalks and alleys

  • Supplemental Cleaning Services image

    Supplemental Cleaning Services

    Services not routinely provided by Louisville Metro including Downtown graffiti abatement, pressure washing, leaf removal and weed control

  • Hospitality image


    Services for Downtown visitors and guests including providing directions, recommendations and, upon request, safety escorts

  • Beautification & Public Art image

    Beautification & Public Art

    Sponsored special projects to enhance public spaces, including the flower pot program, Alley Gallery, and support and maintenance of the Downtown tree canopy

  • Marketing and Promotion of Downtown image

    Marketing and Promotion of Downtown

    Services including creation and publication of the Downtown map, promoting Downtown events and amenities, and providing up-to-date traffic alerts and construction notifications

  • Stakeholder Advocacy image

    Stakeholder Advocacy

    Serving as the advocate and voice of Downtown ratepayers and stakeholders with government agencies and public service providers

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