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Downtown Louisville Census Data and Development Research Information

Data & Research

As a part of the Louisville Downtown Partnership’s mission to facilitate and strengthen commerce, stimulate quality development and be an economic catalyst we manage and share the following data and research that is specifically focused on Downtown.


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Transformation.By The Numbers.

  • 47%

    Downtown Hotels Now

    17 hotels with 4,790 rooms

    47% Increase in 2018

    8 new hotels with 1,526 rooms for a new total of 25 Downtown hotels with a 32% increase to 6,316 hotel rooms

  • 10%

    Downtown Population

    4,668 residents

    10% Increase in 2018

    Additional 478 residents for

    a new total of 5,146

  • 4.5%

    Downtown Leasable

    Office Space Now

    9,050,000 sq. ft.

    4.5% Increase in 2018

    Additional 406,200 sq. ft. for a new total of 9,456,200 sq. ft.

  • 20%

    Downtown Attractions Now

    25 tourist attractions, includes 4 bourbon attractions

    20% Increase In 2018

    5 new attractions, includes 4 new bourbon attractions, for a new total of 30 attractions

  • 4.5%

    Downtown Workers Now

    65,900 employees

    4.5% Increase in 2018

    3,000 additional jobs created for a new total of 68,900

    excludes construction jobs

  • 7%

    Downtown Retail Space Now

    1,450,000 sq. ft. of retail space

    7% Increase In 2018

    Retail space will grow by

    99,100 sq. ft. for a new

    total of 1,549,100 sq. ft.

  • 27%

    Downtown Residential Now

    2,583 Market-rate residential units

    27% Increase in 2018

    692 new units for a new

    total of 3,275




$1.2 Billion Dollar Investment in Downtown Louisville with a projected 2018 Completion

Excludes the $680 million Downtown component of The Ohio River Bridges Project.
Metro-wide Louisville development is estimated to exceed $4 billion in the next two years.

We are about the business of Downtown.


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