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November 17, 2022

Dear Friend of Downtown,

The holiday that asks you to consider gratefulness, and to give thanks… but doesn’t require presents or consumerism. Ahhh, Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. It started for me in college when I got to come home for the first long weekend of the semester, lounge with my siblings with no particular itinerary, usually watch some good movies, and eat to our heart’s content. It just felt like goodness.

Now, as an adult, I see Thanksgiving as an opportunity to give – our time and attention to our families, to our community, and to each other. All with no expectation of receiving. It is truly altruism at its best.

The shape and size of my family has changed many times since college, expanding and shrinking with marriages, divorces, deaths, and births. I am always grateful for the new perspective and to know that Thanksgiving is the holiday we all need to remind us to take a beat, look around, and consider how we can be and do better.

My hope for all of us as we kick off this holiday season is that we get out of our routines and experience joy with each other, try something new, and give thanks for living at this time in this place.

From my home to yours. <3

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