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Dear friend of Downtown,

Earlier this month, we have had two pretty noteworthy events… Mayor Greenberg and his team dropped a Request for Qualifications for developers who might be interested in redeveloping three significantly sized and perfectly located city-owned parcels in Downtown, and Louisville Downtown Partnership held two well-attended public meetings regarding wishes, suggestions, and comments on what they’d like to see happen in our Downtown over the next ten years.

The media activity around each of these events – a lot! – reminded me that others also see how important our Downtown is and that there are a lot of people who care and want our city to be strong. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but I do hear enough whining and negative nellies on the world wide web that it’s refreshing to see the positivity in the numbers and reactions I saw last week!

After all, our city isn’t strong if our Downtown isn’t strong. Just a fact. Downtown is our front door; it is what most people see when visiting Louisville or tuning into the Kentucky Derby. So of course we all want an attractive, diverse, interesting, and healthy Downtown! Right? You’re proud of the city you have chosen in which to live, right?

Having a vibrant and healthy city truly does take all of us. It starts with the basics, and Mayor Greenberg has included millions of dollars in his budget to add/replace Downtown street lights and garbage cans. Simple, but ultra-effective. In addition to making three large development parcels available, the Mayor also included a $8 million Downtown Revitalization Fund, which I hope will attract commercial and housing investors, developers and businesses to take a closer look at our many available and beautiful buildings and spaces. There also is money in the budget for a unique and creative lighting project, to make the River Road extension project a reality, to improve traffic signalization, to add more ambassadors to our streets, and more. These investments will leverage so much more in the way of increased vibrancy by adding feet on the street, and adding the details that show an important district is cared for.

Just like any home or car needs regular maintenance, I’m excited to see the seeds being planted for the maintenance our Downtown needs and the transformation that will bloom out of these investments.

Hope to see you on the streets soon!

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