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Louisville Shines with Derby and PGA image

Louisville Shines with Derby and PGA


When a city is home to a bucket-list type of experience and attracts the eyes of 16.7 million viewers this year, the biggest record to date, it’s hard to miss how special the Kentucky Derby is for our community.

Not only is the first Saturday in May great timing to get all of our yards and gardens in shape after the long winter’s sleep and spring’s first kiss, but I see property owners – residential as well as commercial – taking special pride in their doorsteps and sidewalks. It’s actually the law (but rarely enforced), so it’s especially satisfying to know that we *do* care about the face we are showing the world.

I don’t want the KY Derby every weekend (I need too much sleep!), but we ALSO are rolling right into being hosts for the PGA Championship next week… and it sure would be amazing if we treated our properties the same way all 52 weekends of the year.

Louisville shines. Whether or not you like horses or betting. Or golf. Events like the Derby and the PGA create a pride-inducing spectacle to behold. I try to see these experiences through a visitor’s eye, and it gives me goosebumps just how special dressing up for and respecting a sporting event can be.

Downtown also shined. Thank you to the hotels and restaurants and attractions for making sure your storefronts were clean and that when you rolled out the red carpet, you also cleaned your sidewalks.

Let’s be ready to put on our party best and shine again next week… see you on the streets!

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