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Friends of Downtown


Dear Friend of Downtown,

This week we launched a new campaign called Friends of Downtown… because, let’s face it, I want you to be our friend!

This is primarily a fundraising effort, but also one to engage with more people about all the fantastic things happening Downtown and to understand its economic significance and why it’s such a critical area that supports the rest of the community.

I have heard from hundreds of you who love Downtown and recognize this important neighborhood and love it for varying reasons – charming historic architecture, ease of getting around, fun things to do, pretty spaces – and we want you to feel engaged and empowered to help make Downtown the best it can be!

At LDP, we walk Downtown streets every day and love promoting the great stuff that is going on, but we also see areas that could use a little more love and attention. We simply don’t have the funds to do all the things we want to do, and we would so appreciate your (tax deductible) help.

The beautiful thing about this campaign is that you can give anything from $5 to $5,000. No amount is too small, every cent adds up to something else we can provide for a fun and meaningful experience in Downtown.

Join us and become a Friend of Downtown!

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