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An Amazing Outpouring of Support


Dear Friend of Downtown,

This has been a tough week in Kentucky, as we watch our neighbors to the east see their homes and livelihoods swept away or damaged. In the tragedy, however, we have seen an amazing outpouring of support and love.

In Downtown Louisville, this means collections of basic household and personal items and monetary donations by the truckload. I am proud of our city – both individuals and businesses – who have shown compassion and generosity.

I have heard from several of you who are helping organize these collections and who feel helpless that we can’t do more. We are sharing all the efforts we hear of so that we can spread the love as far as possible.

If you are wanting to donate items or money, please visit this list of ongoing efforts. As our hometown champ, Muhammad Ali, said, service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth.

Thank you for what you can do.

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