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Psychology of Community


Have you ever thought about what it takes to live with millions of other people in a community, in a society? I’m not talking about the laws and policies that are the structure in which we should act. I’m talking about the trust that we have in each other in order to walk around every day and live our lives.

Institutions such as the library which check out books and videos FOR FREE to anyone who has a library card expects that those books and videos will be returned so they can continue to be loaned out. How we drive every day and trust each other to stay in their own lane and abide by the stop signs and traffic lights, so that we can get safely to our destination. Or how we expect businesses or individuals who own property in our neighborhood to keep their grass cut or litter picked up so that the streetscape looks presentable.

There is a grace that we live by, giving to each other, that allows us to live peacefully and productively together in a community. You give and you get; it must go both ways. I call this the psychology of community. We need each other, and we trust in this common code of decency. We simply cannot have services, enriching activities, or fun without sharing mutual trust.

I hope we don’t forget that; I hope to see you on the streets soon!

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