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Live music is one of the only experiences in life that can be personal and communal at the same time. It is one of my favorite hobbies, because no matter if you’re in an open field or a small standing-only room, there is something magical about feeling the music reverberating within you, singing out loud, and fist-pumping with strangers around you.
In addition to our collection of amazing music venues, we are so lucky to also have some award-winning music festivals right here in Louisville. We just finished up two weekends of record-setting Danny Wimmer Presents concerts, Bourbon & Beyond and Louder Than Life, and the final Waterfront Wednesday of 2023… and our city was in the national music spotlight and the venues were filled to the brim with visitors, residents, musicians, and music lovers.
At what other activities do you commune with people you’ve never met before? You get to raise a beer and move as a crowd, all in response to someone on stage. And if you’re lucky, that singer shares some personal tidbits or why they’re so happy to be with you, and when they do, without fail, you feel closer to that band. And each other.
Sometimes it almost feels like magic.
Downtown is home to several cool music venues, something I am hopeful we can continue to add… Hope to see you at a concert soon!

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