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Downtown Lowdown


Dear Friend of Downtown,

It is hard finding the right place or right tone to tell people about our fabulous Downtown, or why it’s important to our entire community, or what people can do to help… And I struggle with finding the best news outlets for reaching the right demographic. I’m not sure we will ever find that, but nonetheless, we have decided on a fun, informative series of videos that highlight twelve different locations in the Downtown area that I get to SHOW you.

Downtown Lowdown, launched in January at the Frazier History Museum, proves just how unique, cool, and entertaining Louisville’s Downtown really is. We will go behind-the-scenes or give unique vantage points and we will share why it’s a place that you should know about, right here in your very own Downtown.

So, to get the true Downtown Lowdown, follow along on any of our social media platforms (we’re on ALL of them!), YouTube, or our website to get a sneak peek at some of our Downtown gems. And then grab a friend and come try them out for yourself!

See you on the streets soon!

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