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Public Art in Downtown Louisville

Alley Gallery Features Local Artists in a Downtown Louisville Alley Exhibition

Alley Gallery is a project of the Louisville Downtown Partnership to repurpose alley and back-of-the-building metal doors into an outdoor gallery featuring the work of local artists. Hop on your bike or take a walk and explore locally-produced public art in Downtown Louisville!

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Some of our Alley Gallery Doors

  • Ali as Cosmic Butterfly
    Scott Scarboro
    Sponsored by Parking Authority of River City

  • Purple Reign
    Lonnie Walker
    Sponsored by The Louisville Palace Theatre

street art image

Street Gallery

Street Gallery reimagines the appearance of metal electrical signal boxes found at intersections by wrapping them in colorful works of art. Featuring the work of local artists, this project will create a new kind of public art experience at street corners all throughout Downtown.


Slugger Walk of Fame

As you stroll down Louisville’s historic Main Street, don’t miss the Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame. This artful extension of Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory takes the museum onto the sidewalks of the city.

Players inducted into the Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame are enshrined with a bronze caste of the Louisville Slugger model bat they used, and a bronze home plate with highlights of their career. And what careers! These players rank among the greatest ever to grip a bat. All were under contract with Louisville Slugger.

Walk of Fame
civil rights markers map

The Louisville Downtown Civil Rights Trail

The Louisville Civil Rights Trail was opened to the public in 2013. It includes 11 markers created by renowned sculptor Ed Hamilton, and located throughout downtown Louisville detailing sites and events which took place in the mid-20th century as part of the struggle for civil rights and desegregation in the city.


Music Alley Banner

Rejuvenated South Fourth Street Alley Renamed To Music Alley

The alley between Mercury Ballroom and the Louisville Public Media building is Downtown Louisville’s latest example of “tactical urbanism” and was renamed today to Music Alley. The privately owned alley recently underwent a makeover that includes all-night market lighting, painting of the concrete surface, plantings, and the addition of a fenced enclosure with Alley Gallery artwork to provide on-site storage of furniture.

Murals: Larger Than Life Street Art in Downtown Louisville

The sides of many buildings in Downtown Louisville are home to many amazing pieces of “street art.” Many of these murals are created by local artists who call Louisville their home. Check out some of the wonderful murals you can find in our Downtown.

Mural Gallery

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  • mural image
  • mural image
  • mural image