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Downtown Louisville Traffic Alert

Traffic Alert – 5/3/16


Traffic Alert

Heavy Traffic Congestion Expected Near Downtown Waterfront

Date(s) In Effect: May 3, 2016 12:00 am - May 4, 2016 12:00 am

This traffic alert has expired.

1.       The Big Four® Bridge will close at 5pm tonight – until roughly 9pm after Senator Sanders leaves.

2.       River Road will not be closed.  They are taking one lane to park satellite trucks directly in front of the Big Four® Lawn.  Walsh will open up the other 3 lanes by this afternoon. Walsh will have it restricted to 2 just directly under the Bridge contstruction.

3.       The park from the Lincoln Memorial to the Big Four® Bridge Ramp will be fenced in, there will be one entrance to the event at the sidewalk in between the swing garden and the Big Four® Lawn.

4.       Parking – Paul Ford is staffing the Yellow Parking Lot and Poe Properties, parking will be $10 in those places.

5.       The Red, Silver, Lincoln Memorial Parking lot is being closed by Secret Service.  They are apparently parking some handicapped tagged cars somewhere in the vicinity.

6.       Parking will be available along River Road.

7.       The event is discouraging a lot of gear.  Everyone has to pass through security, just like airport security to enter the site.  Lots of gear slows it down so they want everyone to pack light.  They will throw some stuff away, and just like the airport, they won’t let you bring weapons, big signage etcetera.  There is a list on their website.

8.       Wheel Fun Rentals is closed today, they are open for the season noon-7pm after today.




Parking for this event will be very limited. The Red parking lot under the Big Four bridge will be closed. Limited parking available in the Purple and Silver lots for vehicles displaying a valid handicapped parking placard only. Other parking lots available on a first come, first serve basis.


ADA Parking and Entrance

There will be a designated ADA drop-off location and entrance at the entrance to the Red parking lot, at River Rd and Witherspoon. Please note this is for DROP-OFF ONLY. Limited ADA parking available in the Purple and Silver lots on a first come, first serve basis.


Attendee Entrances

Entrance to the event will be located at the southwest corner of the Big Four Lawn, along River Road.  There will be no entrance along the walking paths or other areas east and west of the lawn.  The Big Four Bridge will remain open to pedestrian traffic through the day, but will close by 5pm. There is no entrance to the event from the Big Four Bridge.


Doors Open

Entrance to the event area will not be open until 4:00pm. Attendees arriving earlier may wait in line prior to 4:00pm according to park guidelines. There is NO overnight parking or camping at the Waterfront Park.


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