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Louisville Downtown Partnership's Positive Change program is designed to reduce panhandling in Downtown Louisville by raising funds to support social service agencies in our city.

Help those in need by giving to the Positive Change boxes instead of panhandlers. By giving to the boxes, the public will be directing money to benefitting those in need and served by social service providers.

How To Give

If you want to make a difference the Louisville Downtown Partnership has made it easy to give to those agencies that do help those in need right here in our community.

1.) You can donate online. Donate Online

2.) Look for one of our donation boxes around downtown. They can be found in the following locations:

Where Does It Go

The Louisville Downtown Partnership gives 100% of your donations to social service agencies to help fund their programs in Louisville. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the program.

Tips To Know

We all want to help others in need, but it is often hard to know what to do. Louisville's Positive Change Campaign allows you to help those in need without wondering if your money will be used in the wrong way - maybe even hurting someone with an addiction. Louisville has many amazing organizations working to help those suffering from addiction, mental illness and homelessness. You can help in these ways:

  • RESPECT each other! Louisville is a compassionate city and strives to be kind to each other.
  • DON'T feel guilty saying "no"! There are more positive ways to help those in need. Your donations to Positive Change can help people move from the streets to housing, creating long-term change in someone's life.
  • SUPPORT local agencies! When you donate to Positive Change, you are making a real difference. 100% of your donations support social service agencies in Louisville.