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Public Investment in Downtown


Dear Friend of Downtown,

As much as I’ve talked over the last two years about how much Downtowns have changed and what we need in order to revitalize, it is very rewarding to see the Mayor and the state’s General Assembly agree and put tens of millions of dollars into projects and improvements… in Downtown!

Mayor Greenberg included nearly $10 million in his FY24 budget for Downtown initiatives, including Safety Ambassadors, a revitalization fund to help incent businesses to move downtown, and funding for an LED lighting project in the I-65 underpasses, plus more.

The latest news is that the General Assembly allocated $100 million to Louisville’s Downtown which demonstrates their understanding of Downtown’s importance not only to the rest of the city and region but to the entire state.


Thank you to the public officials who appreciate the importance of downtowns, and especially Louisville’s. I am excited to see lots of projects start to happen with this new infusion of capital, and stay tuned because we definitely will keep talking about them.
If you are a regular in Downtown, you will start to see some new colors, new public spaces, and new cranes on the streets. And if you are not a regular, please start to make your way Downtown to see what all the fuss is about. I will happily take anyone on a walking tour anytime!

Hope to see you on the streets soon.

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