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TARC Unveils LouLift Electric Buses

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TARC Unveils LouLift Electric Buses


What is the LouLift? Is it Free?

TARC’s LouLift is a fast-charging, all-electric bus that produces zero emissions. Yes, it’s Free. And it’s a sleek, clean, and quiet way to get around. And with 10 new LouLift vehicles, Louisville has one of the largest fleets of this kind in the country (and five more on the way). These vehicles are in the spotlight as they travel around downtown, stopping frequently near work sites and popular destinations including concerts, museums, and big-time college sports events.

How do they work?

The LouLift is powered by batteries located under the bus floor. The LouLift can travel for up to two hours and fully recharge on route in less than 10 minutes. It recharges automatically by connecting to an overhead system that links to a high-capacity charger.

Where can we ride them?

The LouLift vehicles travel downtown circulator routes in place of the outdated trolleys – the highest polluting vehicles now in TARC’s fleet. Like the trolleys, they arrive at stops frequently and all rides are fare-free. The LouLift is also the mode of transportation for the popular Republic Bank First Friday Hop on Main, Market and Fourth streets.

How did TARC get them?

The LouLift fleet is an $11 million dollar investment in Louisville’s transportation network made possible with federal, state and local grant funding.

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