Green Fork Awards

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Green Fork Awards

Publication Date: March 29, 2016

Inaugural Green Forks Awarded



On January 26, 2016 plaques and window stickers were awarded to 18 downtown Louisville restaurants that earned Green Fork distinction for consistently following required environmentally friendly practices throughout 2015. Seven more businesses received honorable mention for voluntarily following the practices even though they are not covered by the requirement.


The Green Fork Award, established by Mayor Greg Fischer in January 2015, recognizes restaurants in Louisville’s Central Business District (CBD) that consistently follow environmentally friendly practices for disposal of food waste. It’s part of our larger Wet/Dry Recycling program that separates wet and dry waste to preserve the value of each for recycling or composting. That diverts materials from our local landfill, extending its active useful life. Restaurants and coffee shops collect their wet material, such as food scraps, liquids, and used paper products, in brown carts serviced by QRS Recycling. This material is ultimately composted and reused, rather than taking up valuable space in the landfill.

Each quarter we publish a list of restaurants that have been in compliance through the year. At the end of the year, restaurants that have complied for the entire year will receive the Green Fork Award and be given certifying stickers to display in their windows as a way to let customers know they are environmentally responsible businesses.

The Green Fork Award Criteria

  • Restaurant must be located in the CBD
  • They cannot have any program violations
  • Must have consistent participation in Wet-Dry Recycling
  • Must have consistent monthly average organic weight.

2015 Green Fork restaurants

  • Another Place Sandwich Shop
    • 119 S Seventh Street
  • Bazo’s Fresh Mexican Grill
    • 428 W Market Street
  • Bistro 301
    • 301 W Market Street
  • Boomers Café
    • 722 W Main Street
  • Brian’s Deli
    • 531 S Fourth Street
  • Bright Horizons Childcare
    • 632 S Fourth Street
  • Cafe Geneva
    • 718 W Main Street
  • City Cafe
    • 505 W Broadway
  • Cravings a la carte
    • 101 S Fifth Street
  • Jimmy Johns
    • 415 W Jefferson St.
  • Luigi’s Pizzeria
    • 712 W Main Street
  • The Main Eatery
    • 643 W Main Street
  • Manhattan Grill
    • 429 W Muhammad Ali Blvd
  • Nancy’s Bagel Box
    • 651 S Fourth Street
  • Panera Bread
    • 400 W Market Street
  • Saffron’s Persian Restaurant
    • 131 W Market Street
  • Subway
    • 725 W Main Street
  • Sunergos Coffee
    • 231 S Fifth Street

Honorable mention

  • Bigelow Tea
    • 2401 Constant Comment Place
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
    • 830 Phillips Lane
  • Humana
    • 500 W Main Street
  • Kindred Healthcare
    • 680 S Fourth Street
  • Romano Mazzoli Federal Bldg
    • 600 Marting Luther King Jr. Pl.
  • Gene Snyder US Courthouse and Customhouse
    • 601 W Broadway
  • 321 Deli
    • 321 W Main Street