Downtown Open House by Stock Yards Bank

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Downtown Open House by Stock Yards Bank

Publication Date: 01-25-2022

Downtowns across America are the community’s center, where residents gather for work and for fun; to accomplish and to experience; to celebrate and to advocate. A place where the city’s cultural significance is experienced through attractions and events, which is also a social hub and where the concentration of commerce creates the largest economic output of any other section of a city.

Louisville is no exception.

With a new year and a new executive director, Louisville Downtown Partnership held its first ever Downtown Open House, inviting the community to share thoughts, visions, and input on what you would like to see and feel, your favorite and least favorite qualities or assets, or what you’ve seen in other Downtowns that you’d like to replicate. Downtown will reach its full potential only when it represents activities, spaces, and beauty to all.

More than 700 comments were received at the event and through an online survey; those are listed below.

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  • More grocery/food options
  • More shopping (national and local)
  • Want more transportation options
    • Free/reduced cost parking
    • Circulators
    • 2 way streets
    • street car/light rail
  • More housing
  • More personal services (gym, dry cleaning, etc.)


  • Like the Ambassadors
  • Increase Police presence
  • Help homeless crisis
  • Downtown is not clean/can be cleaner
  • Downtown is clean
  • Help with less panhandlers
  • Poor road/construction issues
  • Not aware of Ambassadors
  • Not welcoming to all
  • Downtown is welcoming
  • 86-64
  • More Sweep & Sip events
  • Love the old architecture
  • Need Downtown steering committee
  • Extreme Park is not good
  • Need a rehab or work facility for homeless
  • LMPD Is great
  • Need prominent welcome center and collaboration with hotels


  • Downtown needs more events
  • Pro sports/NBA
  • Like Waterfront Park/more events
  • Parking is a hassle
  • Need more lighting
  • Attractions and restaurants open later
  • More venues like movie theaters
  • Love the Walking Bridge
  • Bourbon/Distillery Experiences are good


  • Big city feel/urban
  • Live and work downtown to take advantage of this!
  • Love food, attractions and nightlife
  • Louisville history and arts& culture
  • Downtown is good for business
  • Need more corporate HQs
  • Create activity-filled central location
  • Offices should be full
  • Need more black owned businesses


  • Create more green space and/or trees
  • More signage/wayfinding
  • Develop more public spaces and art
  • More roof top venues
  • Comprehensive Beautification Plan
  • Public restrooms
  • Downtown is walkable
  • Create a Downtown App
  • Too many surface parking lots
  • Put an end to littering
  • More flowers and clean sidewalks
  • Interactive Maps
  • Need more garbage cans