Changes to Wet Dry Recycling Program

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Changes to Wet Dry Recycling Program

Publication Date: July 26, 2019

Begins July 31, 2019

Louisville Metro Council’s final 2019-2020 budget eliminated the “wet” portion of the Wet Dry Recycling Program in the Central Business District.

What’s changing for participating RESTAURANTS?

Please continue to sort waste in the same way. However, beginning July 31, 2019, food waste collected from the carts and will go to the landfill. It will no longer be composted.

Beginning July 31, 2019, restaurants must place food waste in heavy-duty plastic bags and maintain the cleanliness of the carts.

Restaurants may participate in the composting program through WestRock Recycling at their own expense, as is the case throughout Louisville.

What’s changing for participating OFFICES?

Nothing is changing for participating offices! The “dry” portion of the Wet Dry Recycling Program remains the same!

Continue placing dry material in orange carts – loosely or in CLEAR bags. Continue placing restroom and breakroom (wet) waste in orange carts – in BLACK bags.

Waste from orange carts is taken to WestRock Recycling to be sorted and processed. Black bags will then be transferred to the landfill along with any non-recyclable dry material.