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Bourbonism Website Launch

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Bourbonism Website Launch

Publication Date: 12-06-2019

On the eve of the 86th anniversary of Repeal Day, when the United States government formally put an end to prohibition, the Louisville Downtown Partnership unveiled their new website for the Bourbon District.

A feat unthinkable for 1933, the Bourbon District website seeks to be a one-stop-shop for tourists and locals looking to plan their day touring the world’s only walkable urban bourbon distillery experience.

“We really wanted to sort of set the table and create the consumer promise that declares that we are the world’s only walkable urban distillery district and there’s really something quite special about that,” Spokesman Michael Tierney said in an interview.

The website offers an interactive map, a list of attractions and a gallery of photos. In addition to the website, the LDP added pole banners with the district’s new URL at the bottom to guide visitors.

The LDP aims to strengthen Downtown Louisville by driving economic growth and fostering the distinctive character and appeal of the city.

“Bourbonism is a unique and important driver for our city,” Mayor Greg Fischer said in a news release. “The Bourbon District experience is quintessentially Louisville and is part of what draws more than 16 million visitors to our downtown corridor, creating a positive impact on our city.”

At the crux of the new developments, the LDP wanted to create a sense of place, where all the distilleries in the area could be united under one city-wide brand.

“It’s the difference between people coming through downtown and seeing ‘oh there’s a distillery there and there’s a distillery there,’ versus what we’re hoping to accomplish, which is to create an inescapable sense of place,” Tierney said. “The Bourbon District should instill a great sense of pride in everyone, because this is something absolutely unique to our city and has the potential to really ignite so much interest in coming to and staying in Louisville.”