All Thai’d Up did a thing!

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All Thai’d Up did a thing!

Publication Date: 01-27-2023

All Thai’d Up, 211 S 5th Street, in downtown Louisville has been serving downtown in the brick  and mortar since February 2022, and from the food truck since 2017. Sadly, the downtown  location did not perform well for dinner. Unless there was a convention in town, the brick and  mortar did not get very my visitors. Locals are not coming back downtown, and that’s a problem  for local businesses, but that’s another story.

All Thai’d Up has since closed for dinner and weekends and is maximizing their space by adding  a deli. Since Owner and Creator Katherine Aphaivongs-Harrod is only half Thai, she’s decided  to bring out her American side offering southern American delicatessens. At The Deli, patrons  can find local favorites like Benedictine and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, to basic Ham and  Turkey Sandwiches. There’s also a small grab and go refrigerated section for smaller snacks  like Hummus & Veggies, Fresh Fruit Cups, and Muffins. For those who are gluten sensitive, or  plant based, there are options available for them too!

The Deli is located at the same address as the Thai restaurant and shares the same kitchen and  dining room. If you have picky eaters in your group who aren’t willing to try items off the Thai  menu, they simply can walk to The Deli section and make a more familiar lunch selection. They also offer catering for groups as small as 6 people with free delivery within a 2 mile radius.

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