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Repurposed 611 West Main


Transforming and activating our underutilized surface lots and vacant spaces to bring back the walkable urbanism Louisville once enjoyed.

As with many cities, the size of Louisville, surface parking and underutilized vacant lots offer a unique opportunity to provide great walkable environments for a good portion of the Downtown and surrounding areas. Through the Repurposed, and Resurfaced initiative, we are exploring creative ways to re-vitalize these vacant and underutilized spaces by creating low-cost investments that activate the space instantly and easily as we wait for big, long-term developments to take shape.

The idea focuses on the city as the ultimate user interface, where the community can not only enjoy unique spaces but experiment with the city and begin a dialog about how we can as a community re-vitalize the current locations as well as the multitude of surface lots and underutilized spaces in Louisville.

Each project will be a temporary, pop -up or short term initiative to illustrate the economic potential and benefit of incrementally activating currently unproductive spaces while creating a more vibrant Downtown that can more quickly realize the City’s latent potential.

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