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Events Need People, People Need Events


Events are important. Not only are they a fun thing to do, but they usually take place in a unique or fun location. And appeal to many people so that there is a diverse slice of community present and mingling. And then there’s the enjoyment of the event itself that evokes happiness of the experience, grace of sharing space, or wonder at a new environment.
Events are important in the curriculum of creating sense of place. Their programming has to be desirable enough to attract people, which really is the glue to our entire community. If there were no events, and people stayed at home or in their neighborhood bubble, we’d never know what the bigger world truly looked like – through food, music, dress, etc.
Even if we think we are simply satisfying our own personal desires to go to an event, I like to believe there is a pull to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Think of all the music, food, libations, local vendors, sports, or cultures that we are lucky enough to learn about. Event producers around the world know *people* is what it’s all about.
We’ve kicked off our events season in Downtown, and even more than the LDP-sponsored events, we are so excited about Waterfront Wednesdays, Bats, Racing, and Lou City FC games, concerts at Yum!, The Palace, and Mercury Ballroom, Broadway shows at KY Center, and all the single annual events that take place in the heart of our city.
One of those is the 3rd annual Downtown Cyclouvia event this coming Sunday, June 9, from 2 to 6 p.m. This unique closed street event removes cars on 4th Street from Main St. to the Brown Hotel and you can walk, dance, skate, or bike in the middle of the street! There will be food trucks, family-friendly activities, music, and yoga to entertain you as you get to experience a street in a much different way!
 Please join us! See you on the streets soon.

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