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Director’s Take – Downtown Open House


I’ve been thinking a lot about public input… and how to most effectively get it. In this day of technology where everyone has their own mini-computer in their pocket or on their wrist at all times, it’s even harder to find people where they are. We’re everywhere, but nowhere together.

I am old school and was slow to get a digital camera or smartphone. I don’t like the idea of autonomous vehicles. I acknowledge the power of social media, but also want more chances for people to be together, in person. If the pandemic did nothing else, it highlighted the fact that individuals could become *even more* insular by working from home. This cannot be good!

We are having our first-ever Downtown Open House to get input from residents, employees, arts or sports enthusiasts, or casual restaurant-goers. We learned through the Downtown Revitalization Team efforts that there are groups of Louisvillians who don’t feel welcome in Downtown, and my hope is that through this Open House and future efforts, we are able to change that. If we live our lives in our social media spheres and from our own living rooms, we’ll never see what the world really looks like or experience the full tapestry of differences of neighborhoods, races, or cultures in our community.

These differences should be celebrated, and our society and sense of community will only benefit when we recognize that it takes all kinds of kinds – not everyone looks, acts, or thinks like everyone else. I hope we hear from people all across Louisville. Downtown will reach its full potential only when it represents activities, spaces, and beauty to all.

I hope to see you there!

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