• Friends of Downtown

    Friends of Downtown

    We launched a grassroots fundraising promotion in mid-2022 to raise awareness about what our organization does, to help fund some more cool things, and because… well, I want you to be a friend of the most unique and important neighborhood in Louisville! The basis of this giving channel is the economic significance of Downtown and…

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  • Who’s Paying for Urban Sprawl

    Who’s Paying for Urban Sprawl

    In order to support the needs of our city, we have not taxed ourselves appropriately for urban sprawl… that pesky phenomenon of, according to Merriam-Webster, “the spreading of urban developments (such as houses and shopping centers) on undeveloped land near a city.” As cities start to develop, city planners can choose to build up, preserving the…

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  • Events Need People, People Need Events

    Events Need People, People Need Events

    Events are important. Not only are they a fun thing to do, but they usually take place in a unique or fun location. And appeal to many people so that there is a diverse slice of community present and mingling. And then there’s the enjoyment of the event itself that evokes happiness of the experience,…

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  • Where Downtown Started

    Where Downtown Started

    Think about every small town you know… They often revolve around a town square, or in rural areas, it’s the place where people go when they need to “head into town.” This is where essential services are provided, where commerce is conducted, where community or county events take place, and where people naturally gravitate towards…

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  • Louisville Shines with Derby and PGA

    Louisville Shines with Derby and PGA

    When a city is home to a bucket-list type of experience and attracts the eyes of 16.7 million viewers this year, the biggest record to date, it’s hard to miss how special the Kentucky Derby is for our community. Not only is the first Saturday in May great timing to get all of our yards…

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  • Baseball


    Baseball. It’s called America’s favorite pastime… with the warp speed in which we live our life nowadays, that probably is no longer true, but it sure is my favorite pastime. Since 1846, people have come together to watch people perform athletic feats and break records, and with its leisurely yet unique pace, it is a…

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  • Public Investment in Downtown

    Public Investment in Downtown

    Dear Friend of Downtown, As much as I’ve talked over the last two years about how much Downtowns have changed and what we need in order to revitalize, it is very rewarding to see the Mayor and the state’s General Assembly agree and put tens of millions of dollars into projects and improvements… in Downtown!…

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  • Downtown Strategy

    Downtown Strategy

    Dear Friend of Downtown, 400 of you showed up for Downtown yesterday, as Louisville Downtown Partnership put on its first State of the Downtown in five years and unveiled the new ten-year Downtown Strategy, laying out the community’s vision of what we want our Downtown to look and feel like. And boy, did you guys…

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  • #MyNightInDowntown


    Dear Friend of Downtown, I know lots of you frequent the restaurants, bars, concert venues, basketball, baseball, and soccer courts and fields, arts centers, and museums and attractions that populate downtown… I sure would love to see you guys raise your hands and show it off in your social media too! I’m starting something new…

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  • Transitions


    Dear Friend of Downtown, The company name Humana conjures a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Fortune 500 company. 40-year stalwart Downtown anchor. Large employer. Great insurance. So, the announcement they made earlier this month to vacate their iconic office tower to consolidate into one building surprised many. However, the truth…

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