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  • Transitions


    Dear Friend of Downtown, The company name Humana conjures a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Fortune 500 company. 40-year stalwart Downtown anchor. Large employer. Great insurance. So, the announcement they made earlier this month to vacate their iconic office tower to consolidate into one building surprised many. However, the truth…

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  • Downtown Lowdown

    Downtown Lowdown

    Dear Friend of Downtown, It is hard finding the right place or right tone to tell people about our fabulous Downtown, or why it’s important to our entire community, or what people can do to help… And I struggle with finding the best news outlets for reaching the right demographic. I’m not sure we will…

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  • City Owned Properties

    City Owned Properties

    Dear Friend of Downtown, How do you spell momentum? I’ll tell you… it’s making three city-owned properties available for redevelopment. And hopefully you’ve seen the news by now that announced the developers who are working on each piece of property, developing concepts and financial plans for them. This is huge for our Downtown and for…

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  • Hometown Tourist

    Hometown Tourist

    Dear Friend of Downtown, 2024 is already off and running and for another year in a row, I am filled with optimism and excited about what’s happening in Downtown. We just launched a new initiative to be a Hometown Tourist in your own Downtown, with participating attractions offering HALF-OFF their admissions! I mean, honestly… with nearly a…

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  • 2023 Wrap-Up

    2023 Wrap-Up

    Today is my 2nd anniversary in this job, and I am enjoying looking back at all that we have accomplished in that (short? long?) time and how different our Downtown is because of YOU. YOU have attended events, worked on projects, added beautification to your property, picked up litter, donated money, brought a friend to something new,…

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  • New Office

    New Office

    Dear Friend of Downtown, I walk into my office differently now. I feel a new ease in the job I’m supposed to do as I cross that threshold, somehow more relaxed and confident. I also see a wall of windows facing the river and beautiful downtown buildings that, in my 25 years of working Downtown,…

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  • Thanksgiving


    Dear Friend of Downtown, Thanksgiving week is my favorite holiday. It’s the one holiday that asks you to consider gratefulness, and to give thanks… but doesn’t require presents or consumerism. Where we think of our lives, and even where there is heartache or injustice or discontent, that we take stock and see the good. It…

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  • Vote


    Dear Friend of Downtown, My “take” will be short today… VOTE. Our Governor and other state offices are an “off year”, not the normal legislative races or presidential or mayoral races that get more attention… but we still should VOTE. In general, our average voter turnout in Louisville is 30%. The primary race in the…

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  • Slicing Data

    Slicing Data

    I’m feeling a lot of positive momentum in Downtown, maybe it’s because it’s my job or that I think about it every day, but I’m seeing a lot more people, there is more positive activity, and the numbers are SHOWING it. We are at a turning point. Office occupancy isn’t as high as we’d like, but…

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  • Steins on Main

    Steins on Main

    Louisville and Kentucky are the epicenter of the international bourbon world. This is an important accolade as it has completely transformed our tourism, cuisine, and downtown experiences in the past decade. But there are people who may have different drinking preferences and this bragging point may fall flat if you don’t know how to decipher…

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