Downtown Loan Funds

The most vibrant downtowns across the country are those with recreational activities, unique attractions, learning centers, a mix of commercial activities, and a strong residential base.

The Downtown Housing Assistance Fund (DHA) was created in 2001 and was designed to assist urban developers in financing their Downtown housing projects, fostering the growth of residential development in Downtown Louisville and its adjacent neighborhoods. Encouraged by the success of the housing fund, in 2008 many of DHA’s members helped establish the Downtown Commercial Loan Fund (DCLF) with a complementary mission of fostering the growth of Downtown’s commercial sector.

Since their inception, the funds have originated 26 loans totaling more than $15M, helping to bring over $330M in new housing and commercial developments to Downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods. More information about Downtown Loan Funds and the projects supported by their loans can be found here.