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Dear Friend of Downtown,

I am a sucker for shows and stories about people’s character growth. I’m especially a sucker when it involves a team and a coach, having been a teammate for as long as I can remember and a coach during some adolescents’ pivotal years. Besides Mom, Coach has been my favorite title.

I just finished bingeing Friday Night Lights and have seen Ted Lasso already three times through. I am inspired by Coach Taylor and Coach Lasso, whose common thread was showing that being a teammate is an allegory to life.

We do better when we are around others who also work hard. We each have strengths that together make the team exponentially better. We are better when we unite toward a common purpose. In short, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

No matter what you do – whether it’s completing a project, handling the finances of a corporation, constructing a new building, waiting tables, or performing on stage – we each have a role to play and trust that everyone will fulfill their duty.

The foundation of community is built around these roles and this trust, and if we don’t play our positions – engage, show up, care – it doesn’t work. Downtown is the main intersection of our community where everyone is a teammate, and where I am loving being on the sidelines coaching and cheering. Let’s keep showing up and working hard for each other… our city center depends on it!

Thank you for being on the team, hope to see you on the streets soon!

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