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Baseball. It’s called America’s favorite pastime… with the warp speed in which we live our life nowadays, that probably is no longer true, but it sure is my favorite pastime.

Since 1846, people have come together to watch people perform athletic feats and break records, and with its leisurely yet unique pace, it is a great way to spend time with someone. And it’s not a sport for only fathers and sons; my dad took me and my siblings to games as kids and I’ve gone to baseball games with my daughter since she was a wee child… enough that we’ve made it part of our Mother’s Day and summer traditions going on 15 years.

Baseball also is a great way to spend time with a lot of other people… our neighbors, our community.

Most baseball parks are located in downtowns (tsk, tsk Atlanta) because the central location is a magnet for people to enjoy a fun afternoon or evening in and among other entertainment and attractions that add to the vibrant atmosphere of a downtown.

When the Louisville Redbirds left Cardinal Stadium at the fairgrounds and became the Louisville River Bats right here on Main Street, our baseball experience changed. And for the better. Giving new life to an old train shed and following on the heels of the redevelopment of our riverfront into the world-renowned Waterfront Park, Louisville Slugger Field became another catalyst of significant development and change along East Main Street in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Let’s slow down enough to enjoy what we have, and spend time together. Happy Opening Month!

See you on the streets soon!

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