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Open Spaces

Open spaces are a key part of the urban environment, and Downtown benefits from a number of quality parks and plazas. The 1990 plan calls for these open spaces to “be intentionally designed and located for clearly understood purposes and uses. Founders Square is designed to form a central place adjoining the Cathedral of the Assumption and surrounding developments. Jefferson Square acts as a transition among the government buildings. Fort Nelson Park is a small park on West Main Street designed to fit the character of the historic district while still remaining a pleasant gathering space, and Aegon Plaza is the largest open space in the central core of Downtown, welcoming visitors from the neighboring Convention Center and Downtown employees alike. With the exception of Waterfront Park, the Belvedere is the largest open space Downtown. Its seven acres are connected to Main St., Waterfront Park, the Kentucky Center and overlook the Ohio River. It is a prime location for festivals and events too large for the smaller plazas throughout Downtown, but not large enough to move to Waterfront Park.

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