Currently In Louisville, KY

Green Buildings

Downtown is at the forefront of sustainable development. It is often said that the greenest building is the one already built. Many developers downtown have taken special care when reusing buildings to add green and sustainable features. At the forefront is The Green Building. The Green Building is 110 years old and has obtained LEED Platinum certification. The mixed used space has helped show what is possible when making historic structures sustainable. Fifteen other buildings downtown also obtained a LEED certification or registration. This includes new construction, such as the University of Louisville’s new medical research center, one of the few LEED university research centers in the country. Additionally, a number of buildings have made green improvements without seeking the LEED certification, notably, the KFC Yum! Center.

Green roofs have also begun to be implemented Downtown. The American Life Building, a Mies van de Rohe design, was recently retrofitted with an advanced green roof that helps cool the building in the summer, maintain heat in the winter and capture storm water. Louisville Metro is also pioneering green roofs in public sector.

For information on Louisville Metro’s green initiatives, please visit their Sustainability website.

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