Our Services

The Louisville Downtown Partnership works to maintain the value and importance of Downtown Louisville and the Business Improvement District (BID), with its emphasis on providing clean and safe services, economic development, and fact-driven resources for our ratepayers, stakeholders and potential investors.

We remain steadfast in our belief in our community and, most importantly, in our Downtown’s ultimate resilience and significance to our overall local and regional economy.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@louisvilledowntown.org or 502-584-6000.

BID Services

Ambassador Program

The Louisville Downtown Partnership (LDP) Ambassadors also provide supplemental cleaning for 25 miles of sidewalks and alleys within the boundaries of our 91 block service area in the heart of Downtown Louisville. This includes, but is not limited to: weed and graffiti removal, sidewalk pressure washing and removal of an average of 2,000 pounds of litter per week.

Litter Removal

Daily removal of litter and debris from Downtown public right of ways include sidewalks and alleys

Supplemental Cleaning Services

Services not routinely provided by Louisville Metro include Downtown graffiti abatement, pressure washing, leaf removal and weed control

Hospitality and Safety Assistance

Services for Downtown visitors and guests include providing directions, recommendations and, upon request, safety escorts

Marketing and Promotion of Downtown

Services include creation and publication of the Downtown map, promoting Downtown events and amenities, and providing up-to-date traffic alerts and construction notifications

Data & Research

Assist developers and economic development in Downtown by providing analytic research data on current market conditions and historical trends

Additional Services in the CBD

Beautification & Public Art

Create special projects to enhance public spaces, including the flower pot program, sidewalk chalk art, Alley Gallery and Street Gallery projects, and lighting projects

Business Assistance

Provide assistance to businesses in Downtown with business support and planning and development programs and incentives to help your business grow

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