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The Central Business District is home to over 1,500 businesses, not including individuals. LDDC groups these businesses into  12 major clusters and 6 minor clusters. The major clusters include Accommodation/Food Service, Construction/Real Estate, Finance/Insurance, Health Care/Medical, Legal, Media/PR/Marketing, Non-Profit/Social Services, Professional Services, Public Administration, Retail, General Services, and Sports/Cultural/Entertainment. Minor clusters include Education, IT, Manufacturing, Religion, Tourism and Utilities. 

Major Clusters

Accommodation/Food Service
The 150 businesses in this category include hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Louisville’s high-end hotels are clustered Downtown, although long-term and affordable accommodations make their home in the CBD, as well. Restaurants cover a wide range of food options and price points. Louisville’s vibrant local dining scene is well-represented, as are more familiar national and regional options.

Construction/Real Estate
This industry is well-represented in Downtown and includes Real Estate Management Companies, Developers, Appraisers, General Contractors, Title Companies, and Construction Management firms. Eighty-nine such companies are located in the CBD, doing business throughout the region.

One of several industries that are concentrated Downtown, this category includes banking, accounting, financial advisors and stock brokers as well as insurance companies. Louisville is home to health insurance titan Humana, one of the area’s largest employers and one of the 153 businesses in this category that call Downtown home.

Health Care/Medical
Louisville’s booming Medical District is also centered Downtown, with numerous support businesses (labs, tissue banks, etc) and physician’s offices rounding out a vibrant health care community. There are 189 businesses in this cluster in the Downtown area.

Another business cluster centered Downtown, the 332 separate enterprises that comprise this sector are primarily law firms, but also include legal support services such as paralegal groups, video reporting and arbitration services.

A diverse and dynamic industry cluster, these 71 firms include print, television and radio as well as Public Relations and Marketing.

Non-Profit/Social Services
Foundations, direct services, and numerous non-profits make up the 94 businesses in this cluster located Downtown. Their diversity reflects both Metro Louisville and that of the region.

Professional Services
This wide-ranging category includes architects, and consultants of all stripes in its 91 business representation. Individuals providing professional services add significantly to this number.

Public Administration
Federal, State and Local Government have 60 separate agencies, departments and entities located Downtown. This includes the region’s court system, as well as most Federal Offices and a large concentration of state employees.

There are over 300 retail outlets Downtown, encompassing antique stores, clothing and shoes, gifts, booksellers, convenience stores, bicycle dealers, florists, grocers and many more.

General Services
Downtown workers and residents alike benefit from the strong service sector Downtown. In addition to barbers, beauty salons, spas and manicures, employment agencies, yoga and health instructors, printers and day care centers are among the 93 businesses that supply the essential and non-essential services that contribute to the high quality of life Downtown.

Louisville’s nationally-renowned arts scene is comfortably at home amongst the sports venues – including Louisville’s new arena, the KFC YUM! Center, home to the University of Louisville Cardinals basketball teams, and Louisville Slugger Field, home to the Louisville Bats baseball team – and exciting nightlife opportunities. The forty-four businesses in this cluster also include Museum Row and other entertainment-related businesses.

Minor Clusters

The Minor Clusters of Education, IT, Manufacturing, Religion, Tourism and Utilities have a major positive impact on both Downtown Louisville and the Greater Louisville region. They include the center of Community and Technical College education, Louisville Slugger, Heaven Hill distillers, glass production, several major IT consulting and hardware firms, the head of the Presbyterian Church USA, and Louisville Gas and Electric company. By category, they number the following:

Education — 23
IT — 43
Manufacturing – 14
Religion — 10
Tourism — 4
Utilities — 6

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