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Lou + You Campaign

The Louisville Downtown Partnership (LDP), in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky, the Fairness Campaign, the Louisville Metro Human Relations CommissionFourth Street Live!, and the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, will launch a new Downtown campaign called “Lou + You” (Lou plus You) focusing on cultural proficiency and hospitality initiatives through Downtown Louisville.  The campaign aims to work with local business owners, employees, landlords, Downtown residents, and ratepayers to make Downtown Louisville a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Lou + You’s mission is to ensure that all guests, visitors, and citizens have a positive experience while in Downtown Louisville: our city's Central Business District and a marketplace for economic, social, and communal interaction.

To launch the Lou + You campaign, Fourth Street Live! will offer two community training sessions on diversity and customer service to businesses and employers in the Central Business District that will be held April 14-15. The campaign will continue to offer periodic trainings throughout the year along with materials that businesses can use with their own employees  that will be available for download in the future. Lou + You will also offer in-person trainings on-site to Downtown employers and business owners that are unable to attend the sessions.

Fourth Street Live!, which has been responsive to community concerns about customer service by providing ongoing staff trainings to its employees, has also agreed to graciously offer 20 scholarship seats for every training session.

Stay tuned for further updates about the program.

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