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The Louisville Downtown Partnership's (LDP) mission is to improve the economy of Louisville Metro by coordinating an aggressive public/private program to promote the redevelopment, vitality and economic growth of the Central Business District and surrounding areas and to promote Downtown’s quality of life by creating a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable environment.

The Louisville Downtown Partnership was formed in 2013 and is comprised of two governmental entities: the Louisville Downtown Management District and the Louisville Downtown Development Corporation.


The Louisville Downtown Management District (LDMD), Kentucky’s only Business Improvement District (or BID), was established on August 27, 1991 to promote the economic, residential and cultural vitality of the core of downtown. LDMD’s mission has been to promote Downtown’s quality of life by creating a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable environment, providing services that are designed to enhance the physical environment of the Downtown, including improvements for better security, maintenance, cleanliness, and marketing. LDMD Board of Directors List


The Louisville Downtown Development Corporation (LDDC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the long term economic health of Downtown Louisville and represents the community’s civic and business leadership. For the past 22 years, LDDC has played a crucial role in bringing together both the public and private sectors as partners in Downtown Louisville’s redevelopment and long term planning, with LDDC serving as the lead entity in the development and implementation of the Downtown Master Plan. LDDC Board of Directors List


The Louisville Downtown Partnership is an example of how an economic development organization can bring private and public sector interests together, make them stronger, and the result is a better Downtown, a better economy, and a greater Louisville.

- Mayor Greg Fischer, Louisville Metro

Your operation not only favorably impacts Downtown Louisville when you're finished with one of your jobs, it also favorably impacts Louisville while you're doing a job because of the way it is done. Keep up the good work. We appreciate all of you!

- Rex Dunn, Tillman & Wallbaum

LDP’s role as an independent economic and planning organization has allowed it to develop a body of knowledge on how to assemble the right partners, the right opportunity and the right environment to allow projects to develop and thrive.

- Paul C. Varga, Chairman & CEO, Brown-Forman Corporation

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